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    Do you live in the Los Angeles, California, area and have issues with your garage door?

    Los Angeles Garage Door Repair is ready to meet all of your needs regardless of whether it's a cosmetic problem like a dent, severe damage, or normal wear and tear that interferes with the garage door's operation.

    We can make repairs to residential as well as commercial garage doors of any make, model, brand, and size and can find even the most obscure parts needed to repair your odd shaped door.


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The real truth is that Los Angeles as a city is on the move both morning and night and a smoothly functioning garage door is key to getting around the city without having to call a taxi. During the weekday, you don't want the embarrassment of being late to work because your garage door is showing enough signs of wear and tear that it wouldn't open enough to let you pull your car out. You also don't need the embarrassment of having to cancel weekend plans purely because your garage door needs repairs. When your garage door breaks or wears out, you want someone on your side and perform garage door repairs that last.

Your garage door is an important feature of your home or business, and you shouldn't entrust it to just anyone. It acts as a front-line security buffer keeping rain, dirt, and possible carjackers away from your car. Your garage door can also become an important factor in the value of your home because potential buyers will wonder if you neglected other important home maintenance needs if your garage door does not open as smoothly as it should. So a smoothly functioning garage door not only saves you a few seconds when you're on your way out the door, but it also serves a valuable role in the overall functionality of your home.


  • As a company that routinely works on commercial garage doors, including auto shops that have seen every  conceivable way that brakes can fail, we've seen what happens when somebody can't stop in time to avoid smashing into a garage.

    When that happens, you usually just want the answer to one question: Can we do garage door repairs for an affordable price?

    When assessing the needs of the customer's situation, we are always honest and up front about our pricing and what you can expect when our technicians schedule a repair appointment, purely because we believe that garage door repair should be an attractive blend of quality service and affordable prices.

    Very often, our prices will be the lowest among honest, quality services in the LA area.


Our technician's service garage doors throughout the entire Los Angeles, California, area, including Alhambra, Beverly Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Glendale, Santa Clarita and Pasadena.

We understand the importance of providing the best garage door repair service in Los Angeles at attractively low prices.

We try to always point out problems that need to be solved before they become worse and more costly to repair, but we never try to sell you services that you don't need.

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 Rob Seals
Rob Seals
Good fast service. Great installer. Explained everything, set up all my remotes, and cleaned up after done. thanks

Mariam Ephraim
Mariam Ephraim
Highly recommend this company as prompt, reliable, knowledgeable employee Daniel, conscious of community needs and responces for St. Mary's Food Pantry, appropriate charges. Excellent job! Beyond pleased.
 Ken Reinstein
Ken Reinstein
A great company. The tech was on time. Suggested some needed repairs, but was in no way pushy about them. He did a great job.



Have a garage door that is in need of professional repair? Looking for a quality garage door installation or replacement? Questions about installation or what doors to buy? Have a unique garage situation? When the time comes for a new garage door/doors, door opener, spring, or full replacement of your existing garage door setup, call our professional installation service in Ca. We offer industry-leading full solutions for garage door repair and installation.

In a city as big as Los Angeles, you can only imagine how many installation companies, let alone garage doors, are out there. It can be hard to find the right professional for your garage door repairs and new garage door/doors needs. Choosing the right company is critical. Just as your garage is a key part of your home, your garage door is an important part of the look and function of your home or business. We offer a wide variety of garage doors and openers to match the aesthetics of your home or business garage. Get the garage door and garage door spring that is right for you. Don’t let a non-functioning door or opener stop you from getting the most out of your garage. We work hard to keep your garage going!

Wear and tear can add up on your garage door and a broken garage door is never convenient. When your garage door throws in the towel unexpectedly, our phone is waiting for your call. Our garage door staff is ready to help you with a repair or replacement quickly and reliably. We service many garage door brands, sizes, and styles.

Need a new garage door spring? The garage door spring is an important to the function of a garage door. A door spring is also very dangerous to work on. The danger multiplies when you have multiple springs in your garage. Whether it is one spring or many, leave it to qualified experts like us to have your door spring fixed and your garage back to working condition quickly.

Need a new garage door opener? The opener is essential to raising the garage door as it works in conjunction with the spring in your garage. The opener is subject to wear and tear just like any other part of your garage doors. We carry a door opener for every application and every garage.
We carry everything needed for garage doors, from doors to door springs and a garage door opener. Whether it is for repair, replacement, or a new installation, get the garage products you need! Need a spring, opener, or door? We have them for your garage!

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for installation on your garage door or opener. Our prices are competitive and our results are outstanding. Call us now for garage doors and opener installation or repair.

Insist on the best name for garage door service and installation in Ca. Pick up your phone now and give us a call!

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